Hello, I'M JEETU

Hello there! Jeetu here from Delhi. Hello and welcome to my blog! And I’m glad you looked at my page. I am an enthusiastic digital marketer ( specifically a Social Media Marketer ) and Graphic Designer. In other words, Graphic designing is my passion and social media marketing is my profession.  Since 2020, I’ve been working in the digital marketing industry. I love to share knowledge with others. I have created blogs on social media marketing and graphic designing. Want to know? Click the below button

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Boost your Success

Learn in easy language, how to design a post in canva. You need not spend n number of hours. Just need a few hours to create a simple design for your client.

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Together we will succeed

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Kelle. I believe alone we can not explore much. Tell me what you want to hear from me. I will write blogs for you related to social media marketing and Graphic designing ( Canva ). Let’s “learn, Create and grow” together.